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Server crash without any errors.


Title: Server crash without any errors.

Version: 3.1.2

OS: CentOS

Java Version: Latest one.

Description of Problem:

My server crashes in the night, it doesn't give me any error message. Not in the console and not in the server.log. I've contacted my host ( NodeCraft ) and they can't seem to find anything either. If anyone is willing to help me solve this problem, I would even pay 10 Euro to the person that solves the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Error Messages:

Can't find one.

Error Log:

There is non.

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Some extra info: When the server crashes It kicks everyone and people who try to join the server get :Can't reach the server or Communication error. In Multicraft the server just shows online with the amount of people on it when it crashed.

Also, the server starts up normally, without any errors. And the crashes only happen in the evening from 9 pm up to 2 am. this is very wierd.

I've already resetted the map to see if that fixes it, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I've disabled ComputerCraft to see if that is the problem. That's not the problem either. I've reinstalled Tekkit.jar for my server. That didn't fix it. I also tried disabling the latest plugins I installed. That didn't fix it either.

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