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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful comments everyone! Much appreciated. Expect a big company- update in the beginning of next week! More details will follow on the forums
  2. Thank you for taking your time to reply Skuli . Would it be possible to update logisticspipes to the most recent version? The version we're on right now has a very bad bug. When connected with a Jabba Barrel, it has a chance to Stall the whole server. I reported this to the Logistics Pipes developers, and they fixed it in their latest versions. On a big server, this is a big issue and can cause serieus problems. I've sent you a message on the IC2 irc, I'm willing to help you out update the mods that have critical bugs. If I'm offline on IRC, sent me a message on either Discord : rubbertjuh#1376 If you don't have Discord, please tell Speiger that you are looking for me. Thanks
  3. Would you be able to update Minetweaker as well? ^__^ There are a few bugs in this version that doesn't allow you to load custom scripts. Thanks for the update! Been waiting for this. Very hyped. If you need me to test some setups on my server. Don't hesitate to hit me up with a PM. Anything for a better Tekkit Legends community. -Rubbertjuh - ToastyNetworks
  4. I would like to thank you all for the kind reviews. We're reading them daily, it keeps us going. We're constantly working on improving your experience, many of you have requested some sort of Admin Shop or more advanced Player Shops, that's why we're planning on introducing this in the very near future. Many of you also requested that we did something on the ugly holes in the main world, that's why we are setting up a Quarry server! We've also gotten a lot of requests for some sort of PvP on our server, we are however, a PvE Survival server. We don't want to change that, that's why we are launching our Tekkit Legends - KitPVP/SoupPVP server as an extension on your Survival Experience on the 9nd of May! We've got more surprises for you on the 9nd of May, we're launching our custom Company plugin. This will allow you to set up your own company, add managers and employees, claim company ground and rule with your company over ToastyNetworks. I'm sure you all will like this wonderful update! We've worked hard on this. A quick log of what we've updated/changed in the past few days/weeks: - AFK Server - Crates - Donation ranks now have crate kits - New Kits for donators - New portal for the website - New vote links/websites - Better DDoS protection / Security on the server - New hardware (Less lagg!) - Updated/Fixed some broken modded items Hop on now and experience Tekkit Legends to its fullest on ToastyNetworks IP:
  5. Server was updated! Thank you for all the awesome reviews! Much appreciated. People can enter the claim, just depends on how the owner of the claim configures the claim. Let the owner do /entrytrust public This way anyone can enter the claim, but they can't build! Enjoy your stay at ToastCraft
  6. Thank you for all the kind words, Toasters! We're working very hard to fix the recent lag spikes. We'll keep you all updated on the forums. Do /website in-game! Stay Toasty!
  7. Thank you for replying. Although it does look similair, the server doesn't actually crash. It's the client that crashes.
  8. Hello all, Just wanted to report a bug. Whenever a player wears an item from the Power Armor series, they seem to crash. The same happens when I put the item in the hotbar and then mouse over it. This also happens with the Power fist. This problem was introduced with the new update from the mod. Log: My server is running 1.1.0.
  9. Quick update: We've added new patches in to fix some items that bypassed Grief protection. We've also improved performance by fixing some laggy plugins. Bungee is nearly done & we're working on a new custom Ban/Restrict item plugin! Can't wait untill it's done. Cya in-game soon !
  10. We've upgraded our server to run partly on a RAMDisk! This is pretty unique and has increased performance by a lot! We'll also be upgrading to Bungee cord ( Multi server ) next week.
  11. It's probably an issue with Cauldron I persume you're using kCauldron, if not, install Build 152 ( I believe ) for it. Tell me if that fixes the problem!
  12. Hello Shizzletms, I'm sorry that this happened to you. I'll try to patch this bug. I'll probably have to reset your inventory, contact staff in-game for a full refund on your items! Enjoy your stay on ToastCraft!
  13. Thank you for these wonderful words @1234letsgo ! Really appreciate it! Also thank you @CountryDinosaur ! These kind of comments really keep me motivated! Enjoy your stay at ToastCraft!
  14. Thanks for the tips, really appreciate it. Working on editing some stuff right away!
  15. ToastCraft is searching for a developer! We are in need of a new developer for our popular server ToastCraft. The server is growing a lot and we are now looking for experienced developers that can contribute to the growth of ToastCraft. Being a developer on Toastcraft will grant payments depending on contribution and quality. More about this will be discussed upon hiring. What is needed The server is currently developing a rework of some Mods (fixing mods so we can have less banned items), therefore developers with prior experience with recoding Mods will be prioritized. There are more work with different game mechanics to be done, so even if you are not familiar coding mods you can contribute. Please fill in this application form, then send it in a personal message: Name: Age: Timezone: Java experience (how long and prior work): Are you able to use TeamSpeak? Are you familiar with Tekkit?: Are you familiar with the Tekkit Classic mods?: Why would you work for us?: -Thanks in advance, Rubbertjuh-
  16. Some extra info: When the server crashes It kicks everyone and people who try to join the server get :Can't reach the server or Communication error. In Multicraft the server just shows online with the amount of people on it when it crashed. Also, the server starts up normally, without any errors. And the crashes only happen in the evening from 9 pm up to 2 am. this is very wierd. I've already resetted the map to see if that fixes it, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I've disabled ComputerCraft to see if that is the problem. That's not the problem either. I've reinstalled Tekkit.jar for my server. That didn't fix it. I also tried disabling the latest plugins I installed. That didn't fix it either.
  17. Title: Server crash without any errors. Version: 3.1.2 OS: CentOS Java Version: Latest one. Description of Problem: My server crashes in the night, it doesn't give me any error message. Not in the console and not in the server.log. I've contacted my host ( NodeCraft ) and they can't seem to find anything either. If anyone is willing to help me solve this problem, I would even pay 10 Euro to the person that solves the problem. Thanks in advance. Error Messages: Can't find one. Error Log: There is non.
  18. Creative Zone will be opened for Donators soon. Free Build in a large area! Gamemode Creative ofcourse!
  19. Major event once we hit page 1 on Tekkit Server List! Check out for more information! You don't want to miss this!