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Tekkit Classic Lets Play! (Searching)

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As my title says Im going to start a tekkit lets play! I have one friend of mine willing to play! I need 2 more to start it. Im going to start out with my first youtube video ever as a Tekkit Lets play.


Age 14+



Decent Mic

Youtube channel, on which you can upload the Videos!

Recording Device(Fraps, Cam-studio, etc..)

Application form



Type of mic-

Youtube Channel-


My Application form

Gamertag- Muffinman956


Type of mic- Logitech USB Microphone

Youtube Channel- HaZorDous Gaming

Personality- Im the type of person who wants to get stuff done and have fun doing it! Not too familiar with Tekkit, so i could use a person who is. My Friend on the other hand is the funny one, he does crazy things!

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First of all, this is not Xbox LIVE. No "gamertags".

Second of all, asking for people to help with a let's play on a tekkit forum is a sure-fire way to fail. Since some people will come in just to ruin things.

Or they might not meet your expectations or they just are youtube material. Try a different section.

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  • 10 months later...

Gamertag- BabyRhiino321


(Extra)Skype- babyrhiino316 


Age- 14


Type of Mic- I either use my Built-in Mic or my Turtle Beach x12


Youtube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdZXWzqEev0MksMpVCD8oSw


Personality- Looking to play some Tekkit Classic with a small group of people and have fun doing it. Most servers i join either people abuse things and always troll/grief

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