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Creative Mode Issues.


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Hey guys, I just downloaded the pack and started a Hexxit world. I like it and everything was going fine for a couple hour. Until I tried to right click an item in NEI to see the recipe. It gave me the item. Okay, it's in cheat mode by default, that's dumb but whatever right? So I go to the options and change it to recipe mode. This is where the trouble begins.

No matter what options I chose, it had me in vanilla minecraft creative mode. The one with the little tabbed inventory window. I had to finally use /gamemode 0 to get back to normal gameplay and when I changed it to recipe mode this time, it was fine, for 5 minutes..

My issue is that every single time I do anything at all, it puts me in creative.. Die? Creative. Change the setting of NEI? Creative. Save? Creative. Logout and then come back? Creative. It's as easy to fix as typing in /gamemode 0 but it's driving me fucking nuts that it's doing this for no reason. The world even says survival so why am I defaulting to creative?

I know this was a bit longer winded than it needed to be so I apologize and appreciate any help I can get. I'm really wanting to play this modpack but this issue is putting me off.

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That might work but NEI is incredibly buggy. If I switch from recipe mode to utility or cheat it just stays on recipe lol..

if I die while off of creative it brings back to the vanilla minecraft creative mode. I don't get it, I did an entirely fresh install for this..

Okay so I went into global options turned off creative, then turned it to recipe mode in the normal NEI and it seems to work.. so weird.

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