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  1. triple post and a necro, damn thats tryin hard. I mean yeah good news but idk man just idk.
  2. back in like 1.5 or so the builder broke since then people have always asked when its going to be fixed i guess they jsut got tired of the question and were too busy or w/e to fix it so they just disabled it. shame had some solid concepts, but mffs can do the same thing, albeit at a higher cost which is imo more balanced.
  3. it shouldn't have a slot at all, the filler should have a selectable preset pattern in most of the latest builds, and has for a little while now, what version are you running?
  4. fillers dont need templates, and the builder hadnt worked in so long they got tired of people asking so they disabled it i believe.
  5. I add it if only for factories, being able to hook 3 pulverizers up to one smelting factory and have that shit output super fast is really nice, i dont even worry about the x3 or w/e ore output (tons of work to automate and kinda slow compared to jsut doubling which is already really strong when you can mystcraft an age with spheres of resources). its neat, and like te3 its easy to configure to be compatible with item control mods like te3 extra utils and AE.
  6. really i have a quarries plus quarry (256x256) running in a single biome extreme hills age (for the emeralds) and i have never had an issue of "needing" more quartz, i could triple the size of my ME network on a whim and still not run out, the trick in my experience is to run everything you can with nether quartz and only use certus when you have no other option, it sucks for a bit but after the first 3 or so stacks your need of it dwindles compared to say the need for iron, which seems to be exponential when your teching up.
  7. All my machine outputs use ender chests, they are cheap and can be hooked to an ME precision import bus and thus can be run anywhere, pipes always have issues as the systems get bigger, ender chests have never failed me.
  8. I have a remote planter setup, remote as in no where near my main base and my ae setup, feeding in with enderchests is a no brainer but does anyone have any good ways of keeping the planter filled with multiple kinds of saplings/seeds? I can think of a few that are rather tedious but I'd thought I would ask and see if anyone else has any clever solutions.
  9. You can but you what is infinitely cheaper than tessaracts for item handling is ender chests.
  10. Eh i only like a couple things from TC. ore berries and drawbridges which have a functionality i really like.
  11. Huh if you have tinkers construct apparently you can put galcticraft tin into the pulverizers just fine.
  12. TC's aluminum works just fine for me in pulverizers. but no theres no way to revert already genned chunks. not without at the very least losing all the ore.
  13. I remember our huge fusion setups and switching all the liquiducts to pumps steam to like 6 liquid tesseracts to banks upon banks of turbines outputting massive power. good times....good times
  14. You are steel is made with coal and iron the smelted. refined iron is from IC2 he's probably looking at an old outdated tutorial or something.
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