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  1. ^ Title. ^ Was posted on the minecraftforums mod page. Someone on their modpage on curse asked the same question and no one's said a thing since.
  2. I've actually always wondered about how to solve this issue. If anyone has a definitive answer or of anyone can confirm Dash's assumptions, I would love to know.
  3. There's a different kind of rubber tree in tekkit, you can chop down and randomly get rubber from it, it's teardrop shaped. It even works in a planter.
  4. It's BDCraft: http://bdcraft.net/ I mostly just use Ender Chests now a days, they're cheaper and less of a pain in the ass to make than Tesseracts. Though being able to set channel names in Tesses are nicer than having to remember color codes of ender chests.
  5. Happens to me as well and others on the server can see them and have to destroy them for me.
  6. Have you tried redownloading that modpack? Maybe that zip is corrupt?
  7. Perhaps he's looking for something like "myTown" or "iConomy"?
  8. Minecraft username JFTActual --- What playstyle do you prefer? (Building, PVP, Faction Warfare, Exploration, etc.) Building/Crafting --- Tell us about yourself I'm an indie game developer!
  9. IGN: JFTActual Age: 29 GMT -8 I'm an indie game developer! Secret "No quarry's in Main world"
  10. This could have also been my post here. Exact same observations.
  11. Hey just wanted to chime in since I've tinkered with my powersuit enough to where I actually think it's pretty overpowered and hope they DON'T balance it to make it easier (hopefully harder). I have the kinetic generator, it does NOT generate too much heat with one caveat: It seems like the "cooling system" (for the torso piece) is a requirement to manage the heat. You'll also need some heat sinks to go with it. I have 3 heat sinks, fully turned up on my chest, legs, and feet. This maybe, and probably is over kill. But I NEVER overheat and I have a fully charged battery (currently at 6Mil but that's irrelevant) that never/rarely goes down and I use all my systems at full power and without thought. Let me know if adding these things don't help. I'll explain more of my build if needed. Edit: One more thing to clear something up - I don't think heat generation amount changes with moving the slider, so might as well turn it all the way up unless WEIGHT is a problem as it does effect weight (with the trade off of energy generation).
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    having the same problem.
  13. No music here either :(