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My Ideal server no banned items (only nuke)

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Hello, I am minecrafter who likes tekkit and had the idea of opening a server with 4 main features i really like 1.its a Tekkit Classic server 2.Only 1 item is banned that is the nuke, but its not 24/7 jet because i don't have the money to do so.

if you like it please join at :

(if you recieve anny lagg or have found a glitch please report it to me)

server hardware:

Intel core I7 3770

6 gig Ram

1 terrabyte storage (HDD)

20mbs Ethernet

AMD 7570 (1gig)

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FYI - a dirty nuke can be just as bad. And by dirty nuke I mean creating a makeshift nuclear reactor and forcing it to meltdown intentionally.

Thats true but that takes a bit longer and crafting dozens of nuclear reactors and uranium cells is something that takes way longer than just making a nuke and so will be used less times than a normal nuke.

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