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What about excess stuff


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Hallow everyone.

I did search the forum/wiki and some other sources but couldn't find an answer to my question.

When I have scraps (as in, items I don't need anymore and I want to get rid of automatically), where do I throw them?

Please note my constraints:

-No void pipes (I only want to use ME because... because yes :§)

-No "just throw them in lava"

Normally I used a recycler in IC but cannot find anything similar in main.

Any hint? did I miss anything?

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There is a "ME Condenser" is the latest AE build that looks as if it may be a Recycler replacement.

The ME Condenser is mostly a Trash Can, which can dispose Items from your inventory, Pipes, AE Export Buses, or from Storage Cells you have filled up. It creates as a Byproduct other items

I haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure what the Byproduct may be.

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