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[0.6.5]Smurfinatersserver[20 slots]looking for staff

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- No Griefing

- No spamming

- No asking for items

- No asking for ranks

- No raiding

- No cussing

Banned Items:

- Canvas bags

- Nukes

- TnT

- iTnT

- Philosopher stone

- Mining lazer

- Thermal monitor

- Canon

- Turtle

- Dimensional anchor


- Grief Prevention

- Chestshop

- Enjin





It wasn't long ago that I started my own server but It was running off my computer and it was terible so not Im getting everything in line and trying my best to make it a fun server to come and join.

Up Time: 24/7

I like any player to join that follows the rules

I would have pics but It wont let me insert them

Donate To my Server To get cool stuff! (Still being set up)


Staff Needed:

Ok so all I really want for stay is someone that is responible and know what they are doing also someone that is 16+



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Looking to be staff

age: 21

tons of staff experience, (over 6 active servers)

I played tekkit lite since it was developed,

in game name: Twelling774

Name in RL: Tyler

Skype: tyler.welling

About: I believe strongly in admin to player communication. Keeping members happy, and informed is vital in my opinion on any successful server. That is what i pride myself in and bring to the table. I strive to maintain excellent communication skills, (knowledgeable in 4 languages, very fluent.) and handle multiple situations at once without getting frustrated (99% of the time ;) )

Please add me on skype and message me if youre interested. meanwhile, i look forward to playing on the server as a member!

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Looking to become staff to increase support and provide support to tasks

If you need staff I can provide help for anything, computer wise minecraft wise or anything that is troubling you, I am not 16+ however, but I am very mature for my age (im 15). I have had staff experience on my own servers when iv played with my mates on all minecraft mods like tekkit, voltz, tekkit lite, ect. I have played tekkit and normal minecraft for years, im very experienced in both.

IGN: Westernhavornova (yes its based on uberhaxornova)

Name IRL: Ryan

Skype Name: UkzFinest

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The admins are fucking trolls. they will kill u with admin power, jail u with bedrock or do something else to troll u! And if u say smth like "stop the fucking trolling" they will ban u!


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shut up i'm an admin on this server and that has never happend and plz donate or the server will be shut down at the end of this week :(

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oh now i remember we did that because you grefed the server and we were mad so we trolled you and you are still welcome but don't grief

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