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Tinkers' Construct 1.3.6.x?


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Seems the version of Tinkers' Construct included in Hexxit is only I was reading up on the MCF thread for TConstruct and noticed a bunch of new things that have been released, and was wondering if/when we might see the new version included in Hexxit.

Some previews of things to come:

New Things

- Added Tier 2 tools

-- Hammer, Scythe, Cleaver, Excavator, Battleaxe, Lumber Axe

- New modifiers

-- Knockback, Reinforced, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Beheading

- Added an upgraded Tool Station to create tools with more parts

- More bricks to chisel!

- Chisels now use base speed for their in-world chiselling. This can be upgraded with redstone

- Secrets! Arrrrr

- Added Knapsacks

- Added graveyard and consecrated soil


- Metal parts are cast in the Smeltery. Ingots can still be used to repair tools

- A breif description of Oreberry bushes is available

- Tools show the correct durability instead of a percentage

- Stonebound has been changed to accomidate the higher durability tools

-- Logarithmic scale. Starts off higher, ramps off quickly. Breakeven is around 400 durability

- Ardite has been lowered to 2.0 stonebound. This will not affect current tools

- Tooltips that add themselves to the tool multiple times instead show a roman numeral. Ex: Auto-Repair III

- Inventory Tabs are now available from the vanilla inventory

- Daggers are thrown instantly

- King Slime only drops tier 1 tools

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Well, that version of TConstruct is out now, but isn't included in Hexxit. This thread was created to ask that question, when are we going to see this version in Hexxit? Sorry if that was unclear.

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