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[1.3.9]Pheonixservers[PvE][30 Slots][Open server][Protections][24/7][Plus more]

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Our Website:



30 players max

4GB of Ram


1. Buycraft (Buy ranks and other stuff)

3. Essentials(Ranks)

4. GriefPrevention (Protect your home)

5. iBlock (Block Placement and breaking of Banned Items)

5. Core Protect(Find out who griefed you)

6. WorldBorder (World Limit is 2000, will expand over time)


Banned Stuff: (Found with any banned item, you will be banned)

1. All of ICBM (If u are able to craft one of these items there not gonna work)

2. Dim-Doors (Makes world files)(May let certain players have this)

3. Teleport Tether (Keeps chucks loaded)

4. Mystcraft (Makes World files)

5. Diamond Anchor (Keeps chunks loaded)



1. No griefing/stealing (Will get you Banned)

2. Be nice to staff/players

3. Dont use banned items (Will get you Banned unless i the owner lets you)

4. No spaming (You will get auto banned by a plugin)

5. Dont dupe items (Will get you banned)




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