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  1. IGN: SweatyWang22 (Sorry if it seems vulgar) Experience in Hexxit: Exploring and raiding all the new types of dungeons Are you a PvP or PvE player?: PvE honestly
  2. Ouch, I wonder what was going through your head, knowing that you are a staff member, it must be tough to talk about FTB here.... hehe
  3. Can you get on the server yet?


  4. Please, follow the server posting rules/guidelines next time.
  5. What makes you think that was a troll post? This server post didnt follow it...
  6. Did you have any consideration to the server post guidelines/rules at all? -.- http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/rules-and-guidelines-for-server-posts.47327/
  7. I don't even think you bothered to read the forum post guidelines/rules at all, did you? http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/rules-and-guidelines-for-server-posts.47327/
  8. Your In Game Name: SweatyWang22 (Sorry if its vulgar to you) Age: 13 Timezone and Country: USA (Eastern US Timezone) Combat Affinities: (Melee, Range, Magic) Range Other Affinities: (Are you good at building structures, understanding redstone, etc. ?) That would have to be building structures Kingdom Preference: (Illan or Nyvus - These are first come first server) Neither. Will you be committed to the server? : That would be a yes, the only other hexxit server I used to play on got shut down, so I need a new place to hang out Why do you want to join our server? : Frankly, for the fact t
  9. Hey, I know u from that other server, and btw, this server doesnt work XD
  10. Hey, im not sure if Im the only one but, when I try to join the sevrer, it gives me the "End of Stream" error... Anybody know why?
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