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  1. IGN: SweatyWang22 (Sorry if it seems vulgar) Experience in Hexxit: Exploring and raiding all the new types of dungeons Are you a PvP or PvE player?: PvE honestly
  2. Ouch, I wonder what was going through your head, knowing that you are a staff member, it must be tough to talk about FTB here.... hehe
  3. Can you get on the server yet?


  4. Please, follow the server posting rules/guidelines next time.
  5. What makes you think that was a troll post? This server post didnt follow it...
  6. Did you have any consideration to the server post guidelines/rules at all? -.- http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/rules-and-guidelines-for-server-posts.47327/
  7. I don't even think you bothered to read the forum post guidelines/rules at all, did you? http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/rules-and-guidelines-for-server-posts.47327/
  8. Your In Game Name: SweatyWang22 (Sorry if its vulgar to you) Age: 13 Timezone and Country: USA (Eastern US Timezone) Combat Affinities: (Melee, Range, Magic) Range Other Affinities: (Are you good at building structures, understanding redstone, etc. ?) That would have to be building structures Kingdom Preference: (Illan or Nyvus - These are first come first server) Neither. Will you be committed to the server? : That would be a yes, the only other hexxit server I used to play on got shut down, so I need a new place to hang out Why do you want to join our server? : Frankly, for the fact that theres no banned items and by the looks of it, the server just may have potential, its nice and original. Any other statements that would emphasize merit: Nothing that might interest you.
  9. Hey, I know u from that other server, and btw, this server doesnt work XD
  10. Hey, im not sure if Im the only one but, when I try to join the sevrer, it gives me the "End of Stream" error... Anybody know why?
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