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For Texture Pack makers, I've made a 'default.zip' for Technic (Dev build)

Captain Man

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Before DERP YOU CAN JUST EXTRACT .JAR BLAH BLAH guy comes in and does what he does best, let me explain!

Yes, you can do that! And it's even really easy and self explanatory! But... there's one problem, if you wanted to do it for Technic it'd take a long time, like, fifteen minutes or so because of moving all the .png's from the mods' .zips to the right place in your .zip and getting rid of the .class files and such. It'll get really old really fast.

Seeing as how I just did it and it took me a long time and I don't want anyone else to have to go through it, I'm going to upload it. Lastly, the reason for using the dev build over rec is because 1.1 is very outdated now and there are lots of new textures from 1.2.x. Also, with Thaumcraft2 which is essentially nothing like Thaumcraft"1", I thought it best to use the dev build. It's only a matter of time before Technic and Mod authors catch up with Mojang or Mojang's full blown update sprint ends and we get a rec build for MC 1.2.x so I thought it'd be better this way, because I doubt if you really put time into making new textures for everything you'd make it in time for the new recommended build, or maybe that is wishful thinking (or maybe I just derp too much and am slow at making textures).


If anyone notices any extra .class files or something, be sure to let me know. Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy it!

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