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Game "freezes" after entering my pocket dimension


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While playing, I've made a pocket dimension where I've put a great deal of my chests and my enchantment table. Unfortunately, since recently, I've been unable to do anything in this dimension.

What I mean with this is the following:

+ I can go into the pocket dimension using the portal from the overworld perfectly fine

+ I can move around perfectly fine

- I can break blocks, although no blocks will drop and no block updates occur. Breaking chests just destroys the chest, dropping no items.

- I can place blocks (but also no block updates)

- I can't open chests or right-click any block

- I can't go through the portal

- I can't die. Falling into the void just causes me to fall indefinitely. I've already fallen lower than y = -300000 and no changes.

- None of the items in my inventory work when right-clicked upon

- I can type normal text into the chat, although no commands are registered or executed

(eg. saying "Hi!" works but "/gamemode 1" doesn't)

- Upon exiting the game, the exiting hangs at "Shutting down internal server...". When trying to force exit, javaw stops responding.

- When restarting the client, all of the blocks broken are back in place.

If anyone is able to help, please do.

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