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  1. im soon going to buy a new computer it costs 650 but it is three times as fast as the computer of my dad and that can handle ftb unlashed with no lag
  2. oh look i found a spawn egg in my hand whats happening when i put it on the ground?
  3. java a minecraft account and a good computer (unless you like lag and make it really hard for you to play)
  4. maybe doubling the raririty or set in the folders to increase all mobs health or putting another mod like mo'creatures(needs custommobspawner) dartcraft thaumcraft or ars magica in it (it adds new mobs to the game) make sure to put off werewolves there very anoying because you can only hit them hard with silver or gold blades
  5. and what if there is no 2gb or 3gb i got only 512 mb 768 mb and 1 gb
  6. were not responding because we dont know how to solve this not me eather
  7. (puts rift spread modifier to 9001) (later) OMG
  8. did you know a handle or a binding does not change the durability but a strong binding does
  9. it is not part of legendgear i got the same in ftb but that has no legendgear btw the bag slot is for the knapsack with 27 extra inv slots
  10. the title looks very similar to mo'creatures you can download it and put it in the mods folder tested the same with removing mods from my modpack and it worked
  11. one of them causes mobs to drop souls (blue floating crystals)
  12. i got it also but on another computer it works fine relogging works
  13. i know what you mean by the lumber axes just let them in the chest or trow them away when the tower is exploding i never used them on something