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  1. While playing Hexxit i have noticed a lack of something in the game. As the title suggests i'm talking about a good ole dragon vs human fight. Although the game does have a dragon already(ender dragon), it's hard to grind to get eyes of ender, and most servers already have a dead dragon in the end. I'm not saying i want to fight one every single day but something to add a little challenge(and some decent loot) to the over world.
  2. Evil, dont say stuff that isnt true, if you dont like us then say, hey could you stop being mean to me, and we will say oh sorry and work something out from there. you dont need to start calling people names, but even if i knew how to dupelicate i still wouldnt.oh and if canvas bags are the problem then make a store selling alch bags, but evil dont say someone is doing something they really didnt. Now you have two choices 1 apoligise and say we do not duplicate or 2 act like a little stuborn 2 year old who dosent get what she wants. Oh and ofthevoid please respond and whitelist us.
  3. Oh and kidkillbill never did anything either Evilwithin is just a ...
  4. Don't listen to him i would never duplicate, i don't even know how. He is just trying to steal my stuff and be a ... I'm not gonna say it because i'm good.
  5. Killallforme Age-13, but i act like an adult I have Played since 1.7.3 Yes
  6. If you can reply ASAP but, the server seems to be down, if you could can you get it running again?
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