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Client crashing

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Hi guys,

This happened recently. For some reason, whenever I joined my friend's server, no matter what, the client crashes. I have no additional modpacks or texture packs. The last time this happened, he had to delete my whole server file. Is there any way to fix this?

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Were you holding a spear or a dagger (from Balkon's weapon mod) the last time that you logged off? I found some other posts that had the same error and that was the cause.

If that is your problem then here are the solutions that I found:

  • Remove Balkon's weapon mod (probably not what you really want to do).
  • Update Balkon's weapon mod (all the clients would have to update manually as well).
  • Disable the spear and the dagger in the mod's config so that they cannot be used or crafted (probably the best solution).

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