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Chocobo Ownership Registration


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I was playing offline for awhile since I was at a time without Wifi. I always login as [Email Address]yahoo.com because I migrated my Minecraft account to Mojang Account. Since it failed to login in the technic launcher I didnt play offline as Peashooter101, but instead [Email Address]yahoo.com. The chocobo's I have in my singleplayer world are registered to @yahoo not my original account. I tried looking through the files in NBT but there are so many and I dont see specific data files relating anything to the chocobo mod. Any idea what file I could edit for it? Any idea of a simpler way to fix this other than killing them? The reason I want them to be registered to me is because I need to use the Chocopedia on them. I messed up and tested out the capsule. It removed half my house and I decided to move :) So yea. I have been packing up and noticed that I cannot put them into "follow" mode xD

Thank you :D

Edit: killed them and found new ones. lol but I still wanna know the solution! (Removed Email Address)

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Good grief! Get your email out of the open and stop telling everyone your login name.


LOL thanks for the tip. I don't care really but I'll know I might regret it in future. I was stupid to put that up. Either way most unmigrated accounts are the person's IGN xD so I just didn't care much lol

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