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  1. Go down until you find a brownish water. Dive in, and you'll end up somewhere random in the overworld, but not too far from your starting point.
  2. Do you have Optifine installed? The graphics glitch was one I had that I isolated to Optifine. Took that out, and problem went away. As for frequent crashing, sounds like permgen/mem allocation issue. Double check that you have at least 2m allocated an permgen checked. There's a fix floating around for the infernal issue, it's a config fix. Otherwise, try not to get in a fight until you've circled the area and had all the nearby chunks generated -- that's my main source of lag in Hexxit. If it's unexpected, retreat to explored areas before turning to fight.
  3. No, I think he's talking about how villages will spawn in the additional biomes, often very messed up vertically. I think that's the mod that add the biomes (can't remember off the top of my head the name) which seems to cause the game to consider the added biomes as plains for village generation. Not sure if it's intentional.
  4. Nope. For me spawns just stopped. Didn't notice for a bit as I was building in a well lighted area over water, so I'm not even really sure when it exactly started. I noticed when I finished and left and went looking for some creepers for my creeper soul gem (wanted a gunpowder farm) and couldn't find any. Then I noticed I couldn't find anything at all that wasn't out of a spawner. Never changed a setting.
  5. Yes, but they just did a lot of mod updates, and it's the first pack with all of those updates, so stability might be an issue. I'd stick to 1.1.5 for a bit longer if you're looking to build a stable game and wait for 1.1.6 to get either be promoted or get a new release with a few fixes. 1.1.5 is MC 1.5.2, though, and is pretty stable.
  6. Latest. 1.0.6 is still recommended.
  7. Pangloss wants his thread title back. :D
  8. I find 1.1.5 has fewer bugs (it fixed phase pipes and airlocks) than 1.0.6.
  9. My pre-AE setup (takes awhile to get enough quartz) is to split incoming ores off the feed directly into processing by using diamond pipes, and dumped into a two high stack of vanilla hoppers that attach to the pulverizer input to handle overflow. If you're pulling directly off even two full speed quarries, two hoppers handle the overflow/queue quite nicely (provided you have a fully powered pulverizer). Repeat for the furnace. If you're going for more capacity, add more pulv/furnace combos. This is more compact than pipe overflow loops, and alows you to pull from/insert into the pulv/furnace
  10. Haven't upgraded to 0.4 yet, but previously it only showed if you put a blank cast in and cycled through.
  11. Addendum: it is only that one game. New games do not have a problem spawning mobs. Hopefully, there's a fix for this?
  12. I've had a load of issues with Hexxit, but managed to read the forums and fix most of them, at least passibly. Until this one, which I can't find anything similar. Mobs will not spawn except from spawners. Except for when I log in, where I'll get appropriate spawns at the time I log in, but none thereafter. This seems to not affect non-hostile mobs, as they're out and about in regular numbers. But hostile mobs don't exist. This is seriously curtailing my creeper hunting. Any ideas? I have no additonal mods in place except Optifine U D5, but I've reset the pack and no chang
  13. I've had an issue where using the slider on the right doesn't show all available enchantment -- it jitters or hangs pretty quickly. I've had to use the scroll wheel to see them all. Dunno if that helps or not.
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