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  1. I've mostly been getting my Uniques from Villagers. I rarely loot towers and dungeons. Are there any ones that you can only get from chests and mob drops? I'm also wondering if the Uniques also go past the loot level cap of 40.
  2. Are there any specific ways of acquiring some? Some seem to be rarer than others for me. For example, I have never actually seen a Zakrum, Wirt's Other Leg, Belt of Chastity, Hurial, and such. How did you guys acquire some of yours?
  3. you can get them from the villager chests.
  4. Indeed, that is the main purpose. However, after many dungeon raids you just get bored and the only real competition is other players, which also ends up becoming stale. In the end, all that's left is building in a modpack centered on exploration and combat.
  5. Alright, so I have been playing Hexxit since the very first day it was released. It has been great. Dungeons and the exploration is very enjoyable. Mechanics are very nice. However, the one that has been bothering me is the PvP. All of these various OP items make it rather unenjoyable. I cannot say that I haven't used them. but any kills I have made using them are not satisfying. Rapiers make fights less about skill and more about who strikes first. The only protection against them are basically health canisters, which force you to grind for miniature red hearts. Coupled with the Thief Armor (which is basically the armor everyone uses due to being Scale and Tribal not being as effective and flexible for any situation) and Electric Staff it makes PvP merely running around and trying to hit others who are also running away at hypersonic speeds. With Soul Tether, the efforts this causes are basically useless.
  6. that's because adding Lapis to a TC pick adds Fortune I to it after a bit.
  7. no, it was done on a pvp server and the admin doesn't give anyone stuff so I doubt he enchanted it. the player that has the rapier said he enchanted it himself so there's that.
  8. I just did some testing with the bookcases as well. One bookcase max can only add 4 levels. It has 16 slots, with each slot adding .25 levels to the enchantment table. The amount of books in each slot doesn't matter. The only thing that does matter is if it has a book in that slot. This means that the max level for enchantment table would be 128.
  9. I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Putting the rapier onto the Enchantment table using the normal bookshelf setup only shows Soul Tether, Decapitate, Magnetization, Blood, and Afterlife :/ Using bookcases rather than bookshelves shouldn't affect it as all available enchantments show up even if the level of the enchantment table isn't high enough.
  10. I've researched a bit and and have been trying to create the highest damage rapier possible. However, I have come across a bit of a problem. I see many people speak of enchanting their rapier with Sharpness along with the Tinkers Construct Sharpness added with quartz. One of the methods I heard about was adding Decapitate with an anvil. After that, you can enchant it with Soul Tether along with a couple of other enchants. Apparently, this also enables you to enchant the rapier with Sharpness via the anvil. However, I tried and have been able to do everything apart from enchanting Sharpness on it. Here's the pic of my rapier: Here's me trying to put the Sharpness V book on to the rapier: Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong? If it isn't the correct process, can someone tell me it?
  11. I have been using the scroll wheel. I'll give a screenshot if you guys want to see :/
  12. No, with Enchanting Plus you can enchant any enchantment that applies to that item. My friends can, I just can't :/
  13. No, my friends are using the same enchantment table. It is the max level of 64.
  14. Hello. While playing on a multiplayer server, I have come across a problem. Many of the friends who I play with are able to enchant Decapitate, Ward, and other enchants that I do not see on mine. In fact, I can only enchant the vanilla ones along with Soul Tether, Afterlife, and Blood. None of the other enchantments from mods are found.
  15. Username: DragonScythe Full name (In real life): If you honestly need it, I can tell you. Age (Please be honest): 17 Hexxit Experience (How much of it do you have?): I'm very experienced with Hexxit and all of its mods. I know almost all of the capabilities and processes of obtaining items. With this knowledge, I can tell what is able to be done and what cannot be done without altering their client in any way. You can trust me to have a grasp on what players are doing at all times. How long have you been playing on our server: Although I don't recall the exact date I joined your server, I have been active on Chromacraft for a couple of weeks. In this time, I have helped shape the server to become what it is today. Email: I will tell you, but just not on these forums Location (Country/Region): United States of America