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[1.4.7] EPIME-Craft [100] [PVP] [FACTION] AND MUCH MORE!


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Server ip:

Server website: http://epimecraft.enjin.com

Hello my future slav.....heros, this server will be the best choice of your whole entire life time! I'll make this simple and quick.

You want a server where there's pvp and pve at the same time, well this server has it!

I'm not gonna lie to you but alot of servers lag, depending on how many people are on or what there doing. We however have a dedicated

server with 24/7 uptime. Yes they maybe lag, but it will be rare. If there is lag, tell the staff or I and we will fix it ASAP!

We will keep making this server more better each day! By adding more Events and much more!


Canvas Bag


Dimensional Anchor

Mining Lazor

Logistics Pipes

Black Hole Chest


You will be given a book when you join the server, it will have the Rules and the Events that are on the server.


TekkitCustomizer 1.6

WorldEdit 5.5.6

CoreProtect 2.07

Auctions 1.0.3

Vault 1.2.25-b320

ClearLag 2.3.1

PermissionsEx 1.19.6

MobBountyReloaded 376

Votifier 1.9

WorldGuard 5.7.5

TopPVP 0.9

Essentials 2.11.1

SimpleVoteListener 2.6

EssentialsProtect 2.11.1

EssentialsSpawn 2.11.1

ChestShop 3.5

EssentialsChat 2.11.1

Factions 1.8.2

CombatLog 1.5.1

Note:Screen shots will be added in 3 days!:)

Mods that are a no no-

DD aka Dimensional Doors


Why? Because they cause so much lag and will cause the server to crash. No one wants that!

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hey could i be a staff

ign jvb50m

staff ex yes

if so what ranks admin and op

why do you want to be staff to keep the server grief free and help out!

why me i will not grief swear and ban people for no reason! so plz make me an admin or op (whatever)

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