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Server ip = tekkitglobal.com

Teamspeak 3 = tekkitglobal.com


Tekkit Global is a Towny oriented PvP server that offers a griefing free environment with structured town/nation raiding. As we come out of our testing phase we are looking for experienced players to come in and set up to enjoy our environment. With administrators/moderators from around the world our goal is to provide you with a fun and fair world with a transparent decision making process that includes all of our community. Come check out our website at

www.tekkitglobal.com and our forums at www.tekkitglobal.com/forums.features_zps1dbbee66.png

We are currently using Minecraft v1.5.2

The Mods that are currently in Tekkit Global's ModPack are as follows:


If you would like to find out how to use that link and join our server and play, here’s a detailed tutorial on how to do just that at http://www.tekkitglobal.com/index.php/tekkitglobal-download


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Good server.

Hard mode makes it more challenging, along with GregTech. The Infernal Mobs make it even more fun (and profitable).

This is a great server for friends to work together and have a real sense of achievement!

Come along and see for yourselves!

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