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[1.5.2] Hex+ [PvE/PvP][20 slots][Open] [Custom Modpack Hex Plus]

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About the Modpack behind the Server

I really am liking Hexxit, but I missed a lot of the magic mods and a few tech mods I really liked so I decided to put this pack together. I tried to stay with the original feel of what the developers of Hexxit had in mind; Adventure. So, while there are many mods added if you like the adventure/RPG aspect of Hexxit, but would like to see mods like Thaumcraft, Mystcraft, and ArsMagica (to name a few) then check out Hex Plus.

Server Info

Expected uptime is 24/7. However, keep in mind the server/custom Modpack are new and so is the Modpack it is based off of so there are bound to be issues that arise (I know a lot of the Hexxit servers I've been playing on are still trying to figure out crashes). But, I will always do my best to keep it up, keep it running smoothly, and most importantly to make your playtime as enjoyable as possible.

The server is mainly PvE, however, since I know many enjoy PvP I have decided to enable it and, along with Grief Prevention, add Factions. Factions also is better in allowing people to band together and take on the many dungeons of the Modpack as a team, but Grief Prevention is great for those who want better protection over their creations. This is after all a game about creativity and I want to support those who like to build amazing things. I am looking for mature players that just want to have fun and enjoy Minecraft. The server is open so feel free to download the pack and either mess around in SSP with the mods a bit or jump right on the server.

*As a side note, I just got all the plugins and most of spawn done last night, but I have big plans for improving and adding to spawn and the shops so while I think spawn is currently pretty nice it will get better as time goes on. I am also planning on using Dimensional doors to create a sort of transportation hub to different areas around the map. I know I could just use warps, but... isn't that cooler? :P*

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the pack (even if you play solo) and hope to see you all online so we can adventure together. Hope to see you in game!


  • iConomy
  • Vault
  • Grief Prevention
  • Factions
  • Shop (A very new shops plugin that is really cool, check it out)
  • ArmorShop
  • TimeisMoney(Time on server = Money. Use the Cash Machine at spawn to receive your money and use it at the shops or with ArmorShop)
  • Essentials
  • RPG Trade (actual GUI for safe trading between players. No need for one person to drop stuff and hope the other person does the same)

Modpack Link: Here

Server IP:

Modpack/Server Website: hexplus.enjin.com -Concerning the website: Please feel free to post about bugs/mod suggestions/or anything else that is on your mind.

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