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Rei's minimap help


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Is there a way to enable entitiy/cave mapping on Tekkit? I play with a close group of friends, and we found ourselves getting quite annoyed having to ask for our coords every few minutes. I tried it with Commandbook, but I don't think it installed properly. Is there an easy way to enable it?

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Yes, you can enable those on a Tekkit server, it involves a line of characters added to the Tekkit Server>Loginmessage.txt file. Pretty sure you can find it on the Rei's Minimap page, either that or I got it from a Wiki page, can't remember.

The first line of my LoginMessage.txt is this:

&eWelcome to Prototype's &eserver, &b%nm&e!!&0&0&1&2&3&4&5&e&f

The part in bold is the characters that represent different entity options, but I can't remember what is what, or if the characters before them are part of that or something else. I never bothered to change the MotD other then to add that line. Best I can remember that code should give you Hostile Mobs, Passive Mobs, other players, and Slimes, but not slime chunks. Think that was all the options.

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