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Just wondering if anyone could tell me if any of the mods in Big Dig change the world gen to favor islands. I downloaded Big Dig 2 days ago and have spent a combined 5 hours now creating over 30 worlds. Every one of them with the exception of one has been an island. They aren't the small islands you sometimes get in the normal world gen, but large 2-3 biome islands. However, they are rarely over 500 blocks across.

Just wondering if a mod is doing this or I am having the worst of luck. If it is a mod, is it possible to remove a single mod from Big Dig without it updating and putting it back in?

Alternatively: If seeds are used in world generation for this mod pack (I know some like buildcraft operate outside of seeds and are random), does anyone know of any good flat plains seeds?

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this is a seed i use in my server, is a nice plains, with lots of berries, near a mega village, near a jungle and a taiga after the jungle, the village comes from a unknown mod (for me) and the jungle has a floating ender village, also the village is broken by a ravine that has a stronghold

the mod used to config. the world is the thermal expansion, the folder is called COFH

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