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Texture Pack Set Up Help


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I'm currently building a Vault from Fallout with some friends in Tekkit. We've been planning to re-texture a few things here and there to make it look a little more legit. Making the leaves/grass brown, etc. I've messed around with vanilla texturing before, but not with mods. I know that I need to have a folder with all the texture files to edit and compile into a ZIP which goes into the texturepacks folder. I've found what I think are the right files to decompile to get the textures (the ZIPs and JARs in /tekkitmain/mods/) and I'm going off of how a download of Sphax in order to structure the files. But once I thought i had it all set up right and edited a texture to be sure, I loaded it up in the game and nothing changed. All the textures stayed the same.

Have I missed a step? Found the wrong files? Below is a screenshot of my texture pack folder. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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