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  1. Also, pictures? I suspect if you are using Redstone Energy Conduits you may have your Input/Ouputs set incorrectly which would cause very little power output.
  2. I always just created a pool of lava and dumped stuff there. But yea, the condenser is another way now with 1.1.8
  3. or set up a really small ME network?
  4. Yea I have my infuser surrounded on all sides but one with RECs, my 5m battery charges pretty fast in them considering.
  5. yea! I always imagined him to be a huge Eye Ball with horns.
  6. Also starting out the solar panel on the helmet is worth it's weight in gold if you are topside any amount of time.
  7. Yea Birch is horrible, almost unsustainable since it seems to drop saplings other then it's own. I've thought about moving to coca beans, but really I don't even need the wheat seed anymore, I just keep growing wheat because...even though at this point I have almost 100k wheat...
  8. I have my simple set up for trees in 1x1's with Fertilizer and I'm running a huge surplus feeding 16 BioReactors, I have 10x10 Pumpkin and Melon farms with huge surplus no fertilizer. Potatoes huge surplus on a 20x20 with 2 sections of the planter being used for Wheat, and a 20x20 wheat farm. Wheat seed is the only thing I keep running low on.
  9. Quarry can only have 4 sides, the sides don't have to be the same, but only 4 so no octagons or anything, just squares and rectangles. I don't know much about conductive pipe, since day one I've used Redstone Conduit and never looked back. Makeshift battery has certain sides that you have to use. and as far as I know, the machines do not consume power if inactive and once their internal buffers are filled. As for the Wiki: http://wiki.technicpack.net/Tekkit
  10. Not running Java 7 are you? If so, downgrade to Java 6.
  11. For some reason my Edit window comes up White and I can't edit...? I have 75 CPUs and 25 Pattern Providers, and countless BUS's, one and a half disk drive's full of 64k Drives and a quantum bridge linking to another network that I usually keep offline unless needed.
  12. Should see mine then...when I have it all OnLine it eats almost 1000 per tick...
  13. Yea the conduits have a huge cap. I have my energy cell system set up in a way that I have 2k/MJ output to my system from Energy Cells. He captures the steam using Liqiducts, and then sends them to his Turbines. It's crazy how efficient it is.
  14. getting a Dense Ore Mystcraft age solves all diamond issues too. Well, and we got lucky and ended up with a Diamond tendrils age...we had it for about 30 minutes before it was consumed with black corruption, but we got out with a nice haul.
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