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[1.3.13]ServerName:HazardousKillZone[Grief Prevention][20 slots][Open][Banned: DD, Mystcraft]


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  • Server IP: node45.minecrafted.net:25614
  • Server rules: No spamming, No capslock, No advertising, No griefing , No asking for ranks or items, Swearing is allowed to an extent, No building near spawn you have to build 80-100 blocks away from spawn.

  • Any mods removed: Dimensional doors is gone it causes to many memory leaks and making the server crash as well and so is mystcraft it also causes memory leaks.
  • A list of all banned items: Nothing currently banned.
  • All major plugins on your server: GroupManager, WorldEdit, AutoMessage, MotdManager, Vault, ClearLag, Votifier, WorldGuard, GAListener, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, WhatIsIt, NoItem, EssentialsChat, GlobalMarket
  • Hello everyone this server is a grief prevention server and there is no world border, and its fun for everyone so come join today create your home or base get the coolest equipment and build up the best stuff in the server!! "
  • This server is 24/7 unless something fatally goes wrong with server files or errors

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I recently began playing on your server, and so far I have come up on 2 problems:

1, The pulverizer is banned, and since there is no macerator you need to enable it as there's alot that can only be made by crushing certain materials.

And 2, for whatever reason, engines don't seem to work on your server, so a bit of fixing would be appreciated.

Also, how can you get money on this server?

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Can I be whitelisted as well? I've been playing on the server for about a week and I went to log in today only to find out it was whitelist.

Mekillpoo187 is my in-game name.

ya i know right but i seriushly shuld be whitlisted i helped build the moonbase as well as grin so ya ign is still xXhidden_bladeXx

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