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Skotos Tekkit Lite (Iconomy, Factions, Mcmmo, Mob Arena)

Andrew cruz

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Skotos Tekkit Lite

Hello anybody that is reading this thread about Skotos. I am here to tell you all about how much fun you could have on this server. We are an anti-grief anti-pvp server (certain situations may not follow these rules), allowing you to build up as much as you can on tekkit lite to survive and make your experience a fun one. We Have many ranks which you can see below and how you can be placed in the group:

Jailed (You have been a bad person)

Not_A_Citizen (Not Obtainable)

Noob (Default)

Citizen (Earned after reading rules)

Trusted_Citizen (Trusted Player)

Trainee (Staff in training)

Mod (First staff position after trainee)

Admin (Must be trusted and in the moderator rank)

Head_Of_Staff (Not obtainable at the moment)

Co_Owner (Not obtainable at the moment)

Owner (Not Obtainable)

We are a fairly new server, so we are not completely settled with what we have right now. We will definitely be adding more plugins and things to do for the skotos community.

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Hello, im here to talk about your bad choice in staff. your mod that you "hired" whos man is tcb is abusing his rights of mod status. He reacts to negatively and makes a big ass fuss about something not very important or what is a joke. he temp. banned me for 3 entire days because I called him "a gay fag" in which I think is reacting to seriously

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