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  1. sent a request on your TPPI whitelist server :)

  2. Name: Jonathan Username: _Venema_ preferred name: Jon or Ven (either acronym work) About me: i am 15 years old, living in Canada, Ontario. i always loved playing multiplayer because i nee to have the interaction and some form of competition that singleplayer can't offer me. My style of play is raid & grief, with hardcore mobs but i can easily adapt to your server conditions (as long as it's not grief prevention or towny). Good with Ars Magica 2 and thermal expansion (can use mekanism). I like typing a lot, and when i get fruserated i do tend to swear (I can try to maintain it if there are young players) Email: [email protected] Video/Voice chatting: None
  3. This looks like a dedicated server with some great playing experience. Finally a good hosted server which allows mystcraft!!
  4. i still have hsm on my launcher, i just dont play it anymore cuz after level 20 or so on single player it gets EXTREMELY boring! there are only 2 dungeon types and not many kinds of hostile mobs, I never really tried to get to the end though...
  5. that's nice skellington jack, I got banned by THE ONLY h/m server out there, so there are no more Didn't frizzil stop making it because of moving for a new job or something? h/m really needs to be more popular, because its a great mod (despite the fact that its really old, and the dungeons get repetitive)
  6. he didn't say he found a better server, he said that pure survival servers are better
  7. Enhanced portals, waystones, nether travel, they all can be a way to replace warps and such.minecraft has and always will be meant as pure survival. there is a reason why mojang didn't create plugins
  8. I must agree with NewBorn, plugins are fun, but they aren't right for attack of the b-team. if you want to travel from place to place quickly, use the enhanced portals mod, that's why it's in there. pure survival servers compliment this mod pack more then any other mudpack. u could add essentials to make things easier for staff like newborn said, but you can always set it so that players cant use any warp related commands like /warp /home /spawn and /back
  9. It's kinda sad when you admin is 1000x nicer then the fucking owner. just because i kept sufficating in the jail sell he decided to ban me. Harsh, Cruel, Abusive and a keeler, not what you want in a server Not to mention that he had his staff advetise the server due to how fat and fucking lazy he is
  10. i didnt go into the full detail of how it elapsed, those are the main points. he didnt ban me, i can still go on i just cannot talk, nor escape my prison cell. for ever alone.... commiting suicide igm: _Venema_
  11. This server isn't mature, the owner forever Jailed and muted me because saying that "it is a player hosted drop party and not an owner hosted drop party" is 'implying' that he is stupid. just because he had a problem with it he decided to be an immature little brat. muting, jailing, constantly shooting me to death and kicking me off the server. This just isn't right. i would suggest not to waste your time on this server Edited because i said "banned" instead of "jailed"
  12. they are stupid 12 year olds they can't even spell factions right!
  13. I don't have this problem on any other server, and it is possible that i might be using the wrong version (unlikely) dis is my favorite server so any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  14. There's this server that i like to play on, but ever since i logged out last night i cannot get back in. When i click the IP and go onto the server, no crash message is shown, but instead the client randomly closes. The last thing i remember doing was logging out while i was in a shell storage. This could be the cause but then again idk. The ip to the server is if you need that. Could someone be kind enough as to help me?
  15. i don't want on your server, i am sick of servers that ban all the good stuff, minium stones, weapons, etc.

  16. Hooptiecoupe, instead of judging other players' server, go judge your own, we don't need your bull shit in this community and the saddest part is that you judge players on your own server aswell
  17. Who the hell are you to judge people? I give your review team an E, why you may ask? because you're lacking EVERYTHING
  18. ey, I just crashes like when I reclogged due to the fact that I couldn't see my skin. Reset my player data please IGN: _Venema_ ps: I crashed the first time so I deleted the map file, it worked but now I have no luck with it
  19. Hey man, remember me, your moderator _Venema_ ? well, do you know what happened to icy_storm ?
  20. Nice to know but, few questions: Keep inventory on/off? Raiding allowed? are you gonna hire admins that are trolls ._.
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