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  1. sent a request on your TPPI whitelist server :)

  2. Hey everyone! I am hosting a survival TPPI server for a few select players. I want to rolled back away from the big server scene with annoying little kids and irresponsible staff. I am looking for mature players that just want to play and hangout (I am only looking for serious players, i.e. players that will stay). The server will be only survival with nothing removed. If needed, I can run the server on a custom wrapper, such as Cauldron or TT. The server is running on a 2.7GHz I7 processor with 16Gb of ram and a connectivity of 75Mbps down and 15Mbps up. Please PM or respond to this thr
  3. Name: Matthew Minecraft Username: 125rotax Age: 16 Your long term minecraft project: A whole automated Tekkit Lite farm and house. Why you want to play on this server: I hate large servers with hundreds of people and I hate hackers and griefers, however I love Minecraft and especially Tekkit Lite. A small whitelisted Tekkit Lite server has none of these issues. Furthermore, I have co-owned a Tekkit Lite server and been a staff member on a hand full of other servers. This not only shows my responsibility but also my leadership, and that is exactly what a whitelisted server is made up of.
  4. Hello, my name is Matthew, and this is my whitelist application, thank for taking the time to read this. Username: 125rotax Age: 16 Why Tekkitopia? I am interested in your server because I want to play on a nice and friendly server, with mature people, just as you outlined your server as. I am an admin on another Tekkit Lite server, but that one is unexpectedly is no longer running, hence the reason I am looking for a new server. I am looking for a long time server that I can play on with other nice and mature players, that is one of my biggest concerns looking for a server, and that is
  5. Ingame Name: 125rotax (Nickname: rotax or Matthew) Skypename: therandomawesomeguy My name is Matthew, and I am in Highschool, yet I enjoy playing Minecraft. I also love to program, I actually have a game that I am waiting to be approved to be on the app store. I also have won some notable awards from my school and outside tests, including math, Latin, Computer Science, and citizenship. I really enjoy Tekkit Lite, and I want to play on a responsible server with nice and friendly people. The old server I use to play on where I was an Admin, was constantly hacked and griefed and most of the peopl
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