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  1. I have a feeling Microsoft will duck up Minecraft totaly! This aint good! I remember the old beta days of the good times! When the game was full with good players now anyone buys the game and the team quit and everything goes to hell.
  2. Back In Buissness

  3. Thats is what you think, altho if you have found a better one why are you here?Thanks for the tip, but how do you know if the other server is better when you havent even played on this one?
  4. Ingame Name:Max_x23. Age:14 come on man i'm soon 15 i would really like to join, i'm mature aswell. Why you want to join:I want to have some fun. Location:Sweden (I speek well English) How well do you know this mod pack:I know witchery tinkers and archemedis, minons aswell some other. Do you agree to the rules?Yes
  5. New Attack of the b-team server will be upp in a week with toons of plugins of your suggestions! For plugins you would like to have please post them in the comments! I hope you like this guys! Soon Up! Suggest stuff for the server! I Will Make it for you all so we can all have fun! Owner-Max_x23 Co-Owner-FishManFTW HeadAdmin-JensenVasastan05 Moderator-Rullenil No moderators and admin ranks are open for the server at the moment but will soon be! //Best Wishs Max_x23
  6. I would just need a bit with the portforwarding nothin else, i mean i know how to make the server it selfe, but just that part. //Best Wishes Max
  7. Server Comming Soon

    1. Norviciii


      what kind of server?
  8. Dude you got skype? If you could help me a bit. I'm up for hosting a server for many players across the internet. So if you could personaly help me?
  9. Hey dude i have skype so if you want send me a private message and ill search you upp becouse i'm willing to build
  10. HI dude i would like to joi your server becouse i want to help with the builds ( Markets houses towns ect) My name is micke and i'm 13 i'm from sweden. i hope you let me join :D
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