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  1. Name: Emil Age: 20 In-Game name: norviciii How much do you know about the Modpack: I'm quite familiar with all of the mods, just Witchery I'm not so good at yet. Why should i pick you: I'm very helpfull. Likes to play in small communities. I'm social and easy the befriend. Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: Would like to see myself as a builder with a fair amout of experience with crafting.
  2. IN GAME NAME: norviciii AGE: 21 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: Just love the tekkit mod pack, played it almost for 4-5 months now, never getting tired of it, altough playing singleplayer is kinda gettin boring. Im from Norway, would like to consider myself as a kind, careing and friendly person. Likes a laugh and a cold beer on a hot summer evening TIMEZONE: Oslo, UTC/GMT +1 EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY: nope TEKKIT EXPERIENCE: As written before, 4-5 months, so I'm a bit good i guess.
  3. 1: 20 (23.06.23) 2: Just looking for some fun with other players in a small community, and maybe make som friends. 3: I tend not to post my skype, but what the heck! It is: emil.jahr
  4. Minecraft name: norviciii What country do you live in: Norway Skype name: not giving it out public. Do you upload to Youtube? Channel: Yes, been a while since tho. http://youtube.com/n0rviciii Age? 20 (23.06.93) Acceptance of server rules? Yes
  5. MC Username: norviciii Age: 21 Rate your General Minecraft experience from 1-10: 8 Building 1-10: 5 Tekkit 1-10: 9 Server administration 1-10: 4 Tell me about past jobs, if any, administrating servers: just hosted with my friends. Why does this role interest you: Looking for a small group with experience and maturity, not just a bunch of kids playing around. Lastly, why should you be chosen: I can play almost every day. I'm helpful, kind and have alot of experience.
  6. hi i want somone to play tekkit with

  7. SERVER IP: Send me a pm with your age and experience if you are interested. Hamachi is required (cause I'm shit setting up servers with windows 8) Timezone is GMT(+2 hours CEST) Uptime: 0900 am - 0100 am. Almost every day. SERVER PLUGINS: AUTOSAVEWORLD | COREPROTECT | PLGSETSPAWN | TEKKITTOOLKIT
  8. Hamachi: Norviciii Tekkit username: norviciii
  9. Want's to play Tekkit with sombody!

  10. 1: Norviciii 2. 20 (1993) 3. GMT (+0200) 4. nearly a year 5. mic broken 6. if it worked; yes 7. Skype
  11. If there is any room left i wold like to join in Tons of experience with Tekkit. Sent you a PM
  12. I would love to join in. I have Skype, and I think i speak decent proper english, but I come fra Norway tho, so a little a accent there might be. I usually play almost every day, but it's quite early, because my job starts 11-12 pm ca, but i hope thats fine
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