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[FIXED!]ID mismatch after adding mcpc

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Hello, I just started running a new tekkit server, using version 1.06 of tekkit server. I followed instructions in this thread and downloaded the mcpc-plus-151compat-1.5.2-R0.2-forge702-c436.jar to try and get bukkit plugins working as well. This was a fresh install of tekkit 1.06 server. I changed my bat loader to load the mcpc jar instead of the tekkit jar, and it looked like everything was shiny. However when I went to log in I get the error in the screen below.


and here is a pastebin link to the referenced log file:

any help would be appreciated.

EDIT:: sorry everyone, it looks like the problem was caused by my server providers automatic install for tekkit using the wrong version of the tekkit server -_- I manually installed and its working great!!

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