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I believe it's due to NEI. I think if you use the NEI cheat mode button to switch to creative, and then use commands to switch back, it does that. It happened on a feed the beast server I once hosted. I think you just need to use the NEI button to switch to normal, and you should be fine.

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NEI is the mod that lets you look through a catalog of all the items when you look at your inventory. If you don't really know what it is, it might be in cheat mode. If NEI is causing your issue, when you log in and immediately look at your inventory, you will probably see a bunch of symbols or buttons in the top left corner. There will be one that is highlighted or something and have a large C on it. if you click it once, it should change to a C+, then again and it should switch back to a C but no longer be highlighted. you should then be in survival. Tell me if i need to reword it or something, or if that isn't the case.

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