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Where are all the ore and minerals?


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Hey all,

I just started up tekkit on a personal server I run. I've been playing for at least 7 hours now and I have yet to find anything but the standard ore (Iron, gold, Diamond, etc.) I cannot for the life of me find copper or any others, when I was finding them rather easily back on tekkit lite. Did I forget to turn something on that activates those? The recipes that require them are still there, and I can still build most mod pack things. I'm just starting to become rather limited by this odd lack of "mod" material.

Help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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(1) Did you download Tekkit Server 1.0.6 from here?

(2) Once you downloaded it, what file did you run? Launch.bat?

(3) Are you running the server locally or is it hosted? If it's local, you should check your 'config' folder; there should be a ton of stuff in there, but specific to your question you might take a look at 'config/cofh/ThermalExpansion.cfg'. Near the bottom, there's a section for the world with ore min/max levels and cluster size that will tell you where the various ores are located (e.g. Copper between 40 and 75; Lead between 10 and 35; Tin between 20 and 55; etc.)

If all that's in place and you're still not finding the various ores, you've got me beat; but I seem to recall the most useful stuff is from level 5 up to about 30/35. Are you finding Certus Quartz?

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