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Interested in Updating Your Existing Voltz Servers and Clients to 1.5.2 Mods?


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I'm a relatively new server owner, but experienced programmer. I've been looking through some of the materials, and have found that the Voltz 2.0.0, while updating to most of the latest materials, also removes so much of the modpack that it almost seems like a different modpack altogether.

However, I had been playing on my Voltz server with my friends for a few months now, and had started developing my own "update" to the Voltz framework.

I have been using mIDAs Gold (no, I did not make it. Code is here) to update the Block and Item IDs in my World to the new 1.5.2 Block IDs (i.e., the block ID of Tin Ore in Voltz 1.1.4 is 3970:1, in Universal Electricity for 1.5.2 it is 3971), as well as adding in other Universal Electricity mods (Biotech, Minechem, and Complex Machines). So far, I've gotten everything working (all mods that were in Voltz 1.1.4 are now booting up and integrated properly with my 1.5.2 server and clients), but there are a lot of bugs that I'm still hammering out.

Would anybody be interested in this "patch" to update their existing worlds to 1.5.2 using updated Block IDs and already included mods?

That said, I have found issues with a lot of Calclavia's and DarkGuardsman's additions to mods. It seems like some of them aren't even functional anymore. Electric Expansion had a bunch of work done, but switch wires don't appear to function anymore, nor wires of different materials (copper and silver don't appear to connect properly). Similarly, as far as I can tell, Fluid Mechanics for 1.5.2 is completely broken in all versions. If you guys are interested in this "patch", I could use some help figuring out which versions of these mods are the most stable in 1.5.2.

"Better is the enemy of good", as they say, and I'm hoping I can fix/touch up some of these materials to make a "good" Voltz for those who liked Voltz the way it was, and would like to keep that Voltz and their worlds in post-1.4.7 Minecraft.

I will include a link to the patch to use with mIDas Gold, in addition to a 1.5.2 server and client version if people are interested.

Permission would be obtained if there was interest. At the moment, it's just a personal project, so it wasn't necessary.

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Update: I may have found a way to update the world's of 1.1.4 Voltz to vanilla 2.0.0 Voltz as well, if that's also interesting.

Using the Block IDs, you can "change" the existing items to a different item, and this can remove non-existing blocks from the world (might have extra dirt, but otherwise...)

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