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--Looking For Partner--

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I am posting this to request a player to play Tekkit/FTB (I will choose what we will play with partner) The other person would need to record due to the lack of power i have on my computer as well as we would need a host, i most likely wouldn't be able to host the server so it would either need to be done by the partner or by someone who would run it them self.



Are you able to record?:

Are you able to host a server?

Do you have skype/other equivalent?:

I will decide if it will be me and one other player or more

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I probably wouldn't be able to host a server, but I know a reliable one that we could begin on. Assuming IGN means what I think it means, my IGN is trw621. I am 15 years old and will be able to record. We could use skype or we could use steam's voice chat system. I hope to hear a reply from you soon. Best to msg me on skype though.

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