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  1. I am posting this to request a player to play Tekkit/FTB (I will choose what we will play with partner) The other person would need to record due to the lack of power i have on my computer as well as we would need a host, i most likely wouldn't be able to host the server so it would either need to be done by the partner or by someone who would run it them self. IGN: Age: Are you able to record?: Are you able to host a server? Do you have skype/other equivalent?: I will decide if it will be me and one other player or more
  2. Age 13 Name: Chase Ingame Name: TheCyberNerder Country: United States Have you played FTB or Tekkit before? I have played with the old tekkit/Technic as well as most FTB packs Why would you like to join? I am just a minecrafter that wants a server that brings a lot of mods to the table Do you agree to the server rules & Agree they may be changed at any time? Yes, I agree
  3. This is just a quick idea. Make it so when you delete a files from a pack, it doesn't delete EVERYTHING in that folder, just get rid of the pack
  4. OK I will Add all of you to the server and will accept no more people Plus i will pm you my skype
  5. I am looking for someone to play/record on a tekkit server i have a hamachi server all ready App: IGN: Age: Can you Record?: Skype?:
  6. Dcww I will Play my skype is czeroman and my Minecraft name is My username PS If you see this on both of the posts it is because i didnt know which to put it on
  7. Dcww I will Play my skype is czeroman and my Minecraft name is My username PS If you see this on both of the posts it is because i didnt know which to put it on
  8. I'm not sure if you know about this already, but I saw the chameleon circuit picture and wanted to tell you that there is a doctor who mod in development. you can find it at http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/814675-doctor-who-client-mod-time-travel-40-planets-70-smart-enities-400-total-features-whole-new-game-within-minecraft-mod-division-wip/page__hl__%20doctor%20%20who.

    1. TheCyberNerder


      I Have know about that mod since it was first thought of and got a fourm page

  9. Ok Back on the fact the Minecraft is not going to have mods be different as in SSP mods are going to be SMP 100% just wait for the update and you might not have the problem of it being incompatible Sad side is even if Aether did because updated for 1.3 it would probably not be put in like others have said its more of a yogbox type of mod.
  10. IGN: TheCyberNerder Reason for wanting to become a member: Since there is a new update of Tekkit i wanted to find a good server since most of the servers are really really bad and this one looks really good Why should we accept you: I am a fun person to be around and i know the most quite well so i could help others with them
  11. Zeppelin is already technic pack so you dont have to worry about that just how to use it but it is quite simple.
  12. Dude i could help out im pretty good at the mods
  13. read the map rules again http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,4211.0.html
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