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[1.5.2]Base 13[PvE][30 slots][grey list][Base 13 Reloaded]

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Base 13 Reloaded is a High Adventure/Low Tech custom mod pack server. At the core the mod pack has most mods included in Hexxit, in addition we have MoCreatures, Forestry, Hidden Rooms, Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, BuildCraft, Better Food, Chisel and Rei's MiniMap.

Our play style is very laid back. We don't have Factions, and don't encourage our players to fight with each other. We try to provide enough challenge and things to do so that PvP is not necessary. Our server rules are simple, don't grief, don't steal and respect each other and the admins. PvP is on, but used only so that we can give each other a friendly smack now and then, and to make battling in close quarters challenging.

If you are looking for a Factions, PvP/stealing type server, this is NOT the server for you!

The server is up 24/7, and runs on dedicated hardware. Our plugins are simple, PermissionsEX, HomeSpawnPlus, HawkEye, WorldBorder and WorldGuard/WorldEdit.

We are a grey list server, you are free to log in, look around and chat with us. If you wish to join us and play, you will need to fill out a quick application on our website.

Website: www.base-13.enjin.com

Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/base-13-reloaded

Server IP: base-13.org:25575

Mod List:

Environmental: ExtraBiomesXL, Twilight Forest, Natura, Ruins, Wild Caves, Artifice, Battle Towers, Better Dungeons, Project Zulu, MoCreatures, Infernal Mobs, Meteors Mod

Gear: Soul Shards, NMcCoy Legend Gear, Hexxit Gear, Harken Scythe, Asguard Shield, More Bows, Backpacks, Reliquary

Visual Helpers: Rei's MiniMap, Armor Bar, Damage Indicators, Buff Bar, Inv. Tweaks, NEI, Monster Spawn Highlighter

Technology: BuildCraft (no quarries), Mekanism + Mekanism Generators, Thermal Expansion, TConstruct, Forestry

Utility: Better Storage, Obsidian Plates, Secret Rooms, Useful Food, Enchanting Plus, BiblioCraft, Chisel, ChocoCraft, Treecapitator







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We have updated the mods, and refined the pack a bit more. We have removed project zulu and soul shards. The soul shards make it way to easy to create a grinder that would give tons of xp and top tier loot from infernal mobs, especially if done using slimes. We have also refined the loot tables for the dungeons and infernal mobs, so you no longer have chest loads of top tier armor sitting around.

This mod pack is the most fun we've had in Minecraft in a long long time!

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