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Horrible Voltz Server

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I was playing voltz on a server. The owners name was TAVG333. The server had all kinds of errors and the owner temp banned everyone. Me and my friend were playing and the owner said that he was gonna reset the world and wanted to know if we wanted to be admins. Then when the world started we had to wait 30 minutes for him to fix something until we could get op which wasn't true. After we finely got op, the next day he deoped me and my friend saying we didn't need op and that he wanted different admins. Then, I played that day kinda pissed off and then he banned me and my friend for no reason the next day. Please don't go on this server because it is bad and if you do tell TAVG that crazzy says hes a jackass.

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First: Use more commas. Second: If you really want a good server, don't play on a small one like that. There will be all sorts of errors and fights. Just find a good public server (20-30 people) and play on that. Just keep in mind that Voltz is all about warfare, so finding a non-griefing server will not be easy.

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