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Hexxit uses way too much RAM while running


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When I was running hexxit earlier, it was eating up as much RAM as it possibly could. I have 8 gigs of it and only have 1 gig allocated to it in the technic launcher. But when I saw my computers RAM usage was at about 95% usage I checked task manager and it said it was using up about 6-6.5 gigs of memory.. What could cause this? I have a server also running on the side but it only uses a couple gigs at the most. Is that the issue? Also is there anything I need to post here in order to get help? Thanks in advance!

Something that seems possible now that I'm playing it again more: it seems that the ram usage slowly builds up over time. Could I fix this just by logging out of the game every now and then?

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I started with about 2GB and it didn't seem to change the issue. This happened to me both last night and earlier and I'm starting to think it gradually increases as I play more since I don't seem to have the issue right now.

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