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[1.1.5]JKJCraft[Factions][20 slots][No Whitelist][no mods removed]


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Server IP:




#1 No Griefing

#2 No Raiding

#3 Help Others

#4 Do not join a faction and raid it

#5 no tpa killing/spawn camping

#6 respect admins and other players on the server

#7 be sensible

#8 NO claiming factions on the moon

and the most important rule:


if you break any of these rules, you will be banned for a specific time period

no mods are removed and hopefully never will be,

this server currently does not have any banned items either!

Major Plugins:


Essentials Group Manager



LWC(chest protection)


and WorldGuard

About the server

on this server, you have free will, on most servers, things are banned and you must 'Donate' to get the items. but on this one. everything is allowed, I have had experience of leaving lots of servers because of banned items and admins wanting money. on this server you wont be annoyed by banned items, you have free will, make a faction, fly to the moon, and have fun!

this server is NOT whitelisted

I think YOU should join this server because we know most people out there are sick and tired of banned items and donating just for a cheap item. I know that yes, most of those servers are very popular but most players are frustrated that they have to pay to get items, this is why no items are banned on this server and hopefully never will be!

you can lock your chests, furnaces, doors and more with LWC and protect your land with factions!

we mostly don't care what you do except for the few rules we have (above) following the rules, you could be trusted and maybe even get moderator. no asking for moderator ranks or OP

I hope you have a fun time and enjoy the server!




For more info on updating to tekkit(latest)1.1.5

visit here:

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