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Server Connection Issues


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A friend of mine recently bought a dedicated server and I've been unable to connect to it. It says that the server is running under 1.6.2 and my client is out of date. I've updated both the original Minecraft launcher and the Technic launcher but I still cannot connect. Also, I found that in the Technic launcher, the "latest" version for Vanilla that I can choose is 1.5.2. I presume this is the issue but I've been unable to solve the problem.

Any help is much appreciated and I can clarify any details that may help solve the problem.


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You try just running the vanilla Minecraft launcher? (It's not the one in the Technic launcher.)

Your buddy may simply be running a vanilla server, as a large number of mods aren't 1.6.2 yet.

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I tried this and I'm still unable to connect. However, instead of it being a problem with the outdated client, it gets to the "Logging in" page then says "Disconnected by Server. Could not connect to default server, please try again later: java.net.ConnectionException".

Also, my friend said he was able to connect to the server when I told him I was having connection issues which lead me to believe there was a problem on my end.

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