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Hola!! So, Me and a friend of mine are trying to create a Hexxit server just for him and I to play on. But, for some reason the Server Laucher "Pauses" before it is able to start the server.

For better understanding here are a few screenshots of the issue!


So as you can see, It downloads all of the files needed! (Normal!)


But for some reason, As seen above, It will pause the server launch, Is there a way to fix this!?


This is a Hamachi Server

Only 2 people will be on

I am able to run Hamchi and Hexxit Just fine

I am able to run a Reg. + Tekkit server

Thanks!! Please reply SOON!

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I think the server is crashing and the pause is the next line of the launch script.

For two people I use, I haven't tried anything smaller: java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -XX:MaxPermSize=256M -Xincgc -jar Hexxit.jar nogui

-Xincgc is an incremental garbage collector that I'm hoping smooths the frame rate for combat

It can't find a class definition. MaxPermSize lets you increase the space for class definitions. The default MaxPermSize is 32M or 64M.

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