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Hexxit for Vilayer


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so i ran the lauch.bat, then uploaded it to the vilayer acp, and started the game (it runs the minecraft_server.jar) so it has many problems, as in any hexxit items just vanish and you cant make any, so are there any vilayer friendly server packs?

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Launch it this way?

Run any windows executable as a service

Run any executable as a service and start/stop via a web interface. Also works with batch (.bat) files as well.

From: http://www.vilayer.com/control-panels/acp-layer-application-control-panel.html

launch.bat is how you start the server. It has lines like:

java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -XX:MaxPermSize=256M -Xincgc -jar Hexxit.jar nogui


[/end of file, just 2 lines long]

-Xincgc is an incremental garbage collector, I'm hoping it smooths the frame rate for combat.

The MaxPermSize increase is recommended.

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