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Looking for a review


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hey guys im looking for a review of my picture i made when i was goofing around making art for my minecraft server "Parsonage" anyways Its nothing to complex just not sure what to think about it

[img width=500 height=500]http://parsonage.co/sfbv.jpg

also looking for reviews to see what you all think of my video which is also not the best as i find myself lacking in AE


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The picture looks pretty nice, where would you be using it? I think it is too white for display on a webpage with similar colors to this one but could look good on a page with a different scheme.

Did you make the whole picture yourself or modify a base image?

I can't give any good feedback about the video, since all I see is a green screen (probably an issue on my end, been happening recently). The music played though and that was ok. It isn't exactly my style and goes poorly with my headache but perhaps it goes perfectly with the video I can't see. :)

EDIT: I was able to see the video in SMPlayer. The music fits well to the visuals in the video I feel. I did notice that your character's hand was flickering when you were using the macerator and the furnace, it distracted me.

Also, the 5-6 seconds that you just stared at the computer block seemed a little long to me, was that filler to get to a certain point in the song by the end of the video?

I especially liked the visuals in the opening ~12 seconds and the buildup in the music just before you open the reactor GUI.

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The image is all me used a few simple brushes in ps from a pack i downloaded and applied 2 gradients. Havent really decided where to put it just liked how it turned out. as far as the video i feel like i failed alot in it. as you could tell certain parts are dragged out, and i feel as if i built my audience up in the beging just to let them down with the rest of the vid

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