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Releasing my Tekkit Lite world

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http://img.d3vm.net/dmmcintyre3-tekkitlite-world.zip Be sure to read the Readme.txt after downloading.


  • RedPower frame Tunnel Bore with 190 block breakers
  • Excessive amounts of all ores
  • UU matter and tunnel bore powered HV solar array/windmill factory
  • 333,333+ EU/t sunny+daytime EU generaton
  • 2000+ EU/t nighttime and/or bad weather EU generation
  • 100% automatic XP and minium farm (Just turn it on and AFK by it).
  • Cooked chicken and fish factories
  • Minium stone factory
  • Various factories for random crap that were used only 1-2 times.

The XP farm and tunnel bore are accessed by the small passageway by the mystcraft bookstands in the basement. The tunnel bore has moved over 50,000 blocks from the location where it was built.

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