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Alright, so I have been playing Hexxit since the very first day it was released. It has been great. Dungeons and the exploration is very enjoyable. Mechanics are very nice. However, the one that has been bothering me is the PvP. All of these various OP items make it rather unenjoyable. I cannot say that I haven't used them. but any kills I have made using them are not satisfying. Rapiers make fights less about skill and more about who strikes first. The only protection against them are basically health canisters, which force you to grind for miniature red hearts. Coupled with the Thief Armor (which is basically the armor everyone uses due to being Scale and Tribal not being as effective and flexible for any situation) and Electric Staff it makes PvP merely running around and trying to hit others who are also running away at hypersonic speeds. With Soul Tether, the efforts this causes are basically useless.

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Indeed, that is the main purpose. However, after many dungeon raids you just get bored and the only real competition is other players, which also ends up becoming stale. In the end, all that's left is building in a modpack centered on exploration and combat.

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