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[1.3.9]UniversalDigger PvP [Open][PvP][Ranks][Explosives]


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SERVER IP:  ud.zcarl-gaming.com

- Essentials - Anti Grief - Ranks
- Keep Inventory When Died
- 95% uptime

- No Griefing
- No Hacking
- No Cheating
- No Harrassment
- No Spamming

landmark, tier 1 rocket, chocobosaddlebag, safari net reusable, betterstorage backpack, dimentional

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Hello My Name is Fearthess (Jonah to friends) Im trying to join and cannot is there a reason for this? Just wondering because I would really like to play I have been offline for months and would greatly enjoy playing with likeable people. Thanks for your time. Btw im 22 yrs old and have never griefed, stolen or done anything stupid on any server MC or TK

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